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Брендот “ПАСТЕЛ ПЕКАРНИЦА” ја нуди лепезата на оригинални француски кроасани и дански пецива , кои што се со врвен квалитет и единствен вкус . Спојот на изворните проверени рецептури и најсовремените производни процеси , не водат до крајните производи кои ја отсликуваат ` ПАСТЕЛ ПЕКАРНИЦА ` како единствен бренд на нашите простори кој сериозно и доследно се позиционира на пазарот како вистински негувач на Француската и Швајцарската Пекарска култура .

Прва Pattisserie & Boulangerie во Скопје!

The brand of “Pastel Bakery” offers variety of French original croissants and Danish pastries, with top quality and unique flavor. The combination of the traditional trustworthy recipes and the modern production processes brought our final products that made “Pastel Bakery” unique brand in our country and placed on the market with serious and consistent manner as genuine cultivator of the French and Swiss Bakery culture.

Посетете нѐ и запознајте се одблиску со нашите специјалитети.


Vlatko Ognenovski

Master Chef

Vlatko Ognenovski is the Master Chef and Manager of Pastel Wine & Dine Restaurant. Chef Vlatko Ognenovski is arguable the best Macedonian Chef, who got his basic education and training over a 8 year period with the Italian Chefs Duccio Lorenzini and Luca Cerretani in Toscana, Italy. He then continued his career and has worked as a Chef in restaurants in Prague, Paris, New York, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Mexico, Bermuda, Cuba, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Switzerland. His recipes in Pastel are a pinnacle of his career and represent a gastronomical journey, which you would enjoy with every mouthful. He is also an author of the book Modern Macedonian Kitchen and he was the leading Chef in the official national campaign Eat Healthy. He has cooked as a Master Chef in numerous TV shows, and works as a consultant, menu designer and master chef trainer for more than a dozen of the leading Macedonian restaurants in Skopje, Bitola, Ohrid and Resen. He regularly travels and works with other world renowned Chefs in restaurants in Europe and United States. Pastel Wine & Dine Restaurant is his home base where he cooks on a daily basis.

Igor Stojanovski

Pastry Chef

Igor Stojanovski is a Pastry Chef with more than 25 years of experience. His experience comes from a his traditional family business of making bread, pastries and deserts for several generations. His local techniques as a pastry chef he has been upgraded with the most modern techniques via intensive training with the Dutch Chef Jurgen Koens, one of the world most renowned Pastry Chefs. Igor’s expertise is in making sophisticated and mouthwatering chocolate desserts, using skills which he acquired by working with the Belgian Chefs Marc Paquet, arguably one of the best chocolatiers in the world.

Elena Sotirova


Elena is so far the best student of Chef Vlatko Ognenovski and together they have operated as a team for the last three years. She has a particular discipline in the kitchen, with meticulous attention to every details during the preparation of the food. Her latest area of focus is crio-kitchen, where the food is prepared using a liquid nitrogen at temperature of -200⁰C.

Пекарница Пастел

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